Everyday Strength - Recipes and Wellbeing Tips for Cancer Patients

This is an invaluable recourse for families facing cancer, including nourishing recipes and wellbeing tips for people facing cancer that will help make everyday a little brighter. Going through treatments for cancer is undoubtedly challenging, which both authors well know from personal experience. But this book is packed with practical, everyday things you can do, easy to prepare and family friendly recipes, practical suggestions that may help with common symptoms such as exhaustion, changes in weight, nausea, pain and discomfort.  This is NOT a book that promise to cure cancer, but it gives many tips that could make each day brighter when battling it. German language rights sold!


Natürliche Hilfe bei Haarausfall (Natural Help With Hair Loss)

Natural Help With Hair Loss – After intensive research and help of Ayurveda and scientific research, Gianni Coria has developed a succesful concept for the care and vitalization of the hair. In his book “Natürliche Hilfe bei Haarausfall” the author explains his therapy for getting again full and healthy hair. Czech language rights sold!





Yoga- A Life Of Strength And Grace

Barbara Noh’s book has two unique aspects. The first is the presentation of the philosophical content. She epxplains yoga philosophy from a personal and very down to earth perspective so that anyone can undertand it and apply it to their lives. The second aspect is the technical content relating to alignment. Good alignment takes you deeper while keeping you safe. It allows you to explore the full potential of your body’s capacity for movement, making use of what the body is capable of while respecting your own boundaries. Practicing in this way helps to de4velop healthy postural habits for daily life. You start to walk, sit and stand with more strength, grace and awareness. Foreign rights are with ST&A and Co-Agents!





Kleine Augenschule - Vision Training

Exercises and tips for healthy and lively vision: “Vision Training” - In our modern information society, the eyes of a lot of people are unilaterally strained and often fatigued. All over the world, vision problems are rising drastically, 80 percent of all youths in cities are already nearsighted. so-called age-related diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration are becoming more and more common. so how can you prevent vision problems and do something good for your eyes with simple means? This handy guidebook teaches you how to effectively relax your exhausted eyes, restore your exhausted vision in a gentle way, improve contrast and colour vision, optimally strengthen your eyesight and avoid vision problems. Spanish language rights sold.

Little Tables – Everyday Breakfast from around the World

From congee to kedgeree to rösti, this book brings together 72 kids’ breakfast recipes from 32 countries on six continents. It makes it easy for parents to bring a world of taste into their family’s mealtimes, helping to create shared memories of culinary and cultural discovery and fun. “Little Tables” is a collaboration initiated by successful South-African born photographer Vanessa Lewis, and features portraits put together by international fashion, food and hair stylists, and fun tidbits of information about each country. French and Polish translation rights sold!




Cancer Cells Do Not Like The Sun

Without the sun there would be no life on earth. Until a few years ago medicine made use of its healing power. But for us modern people it is mutated into a nasty demon that threatens our health. This guide shows how important sunlight is for our health. Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency and do not know that this can lead in many cases to cancer. The “sun hormone” may not only improve the quality of life and prolong life regarding affected persons, but is especially a relevant key to prevention: Vitamin D reduces the risk of cancer and suppresses the growth of malignant tumors. A plea for a health-conscious approach to the sun! Translation rights sold to Italy, Czech Republic and Poland!




Homeopathic Symbols Remedy Kit

The „Homeopathic Symbols Remedy Kit“ by bestselling authors Roswitha Stark and Christina Baumann provides 101 low-cost vibration-based remedies that are easy to use, powerful symbols, test lists for different potency levels and the new and unique potency „Divine particles“ which allows an almost infinite raising of the cosmic resonance level. The symbols allow you to go into resonance with the entire spectrum of the remedy and at the same time with the „essence“ of the original substance in order to optimally activate your self-healing powers on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Italian language rights sold!