Rita Vivian Literary Agency

r.vivian literary agency

After a decade of experience spent in one of the most prestigious Italian publishing houses ( Marsilio Editori), in 2000 Rita Vivian founded the r.vivian literary agency privileging scouting work towards the emerging voices of the Italian literary scene in the conviction that the market is not deaf to the most authentic and original voices that each era expresses.
Among others: Margherita Giaccobino ( translated in France, Germany, UK), Alessia Gazzola ( from" L'Allieva," one of the most beloved Italian TV series), Enrico Remmert ( translated in Uk, France, Germany, Greece and Russia), Alessandra Montrucchio, Dario Voltolini, Giorgia Tribuiani, Marta Cai ( Campiello Prize 2023), Gilda Policastro ( Viareggio Poetry Prize-2023), Simone Salomoni, Claudia Lanteri, Stefania Crepaldi etc. We represent Spanish and Portuguese translation rights.


rvivian literary agency Autumn 2023