Climate Feedback Loops

The planet is heating up. Forests dry up and burn down. CO2 gets into the atmosphere. The planet is heating up even more. The forests are getting even drier… Or: The planet is heating up. Permafrost thaws. CO2 gets into the atmosphere. The planet is heating up even more. Even more permafrost is thawing. These are two of the climate feedback loops that can make our planet uninhabitable. Greta Thunberg and the Dalai Lama show how these loops work and how they can be reversed. The scientific basis is provided by William Moomaw and the Arctic-Researcher Susan Natali.


The Freelance Way

Freelancing is by far the simplest approach to doing business on the free market. With very little capital, risk and equipment, you can turn gigs and side jobs into a successful business career, become your own boss and do meaningful, well-paid work. The Freelance Way presents the best available and fully up-to-date freelance know-how, compiled from hundreds of quality sources, including surveys, the latest market data, advice from world-class experts, as well as real-life experiences and stories from hundreds of professionals in different fields and countries, which makes the book highly relevant to freelancers worldwide.

Knockout Colds and Flu Naturally
We are continually surrounded by viruses that cause colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections. New viruses, such as the swine flu and coronaviruses, are continually popping up to cause global pandemics. Antiviral drugs and over-the counter medications cannot kill these viruses or cure the infections. The very best they can do is ease some of the symptoms, but even that comes with a cost, as they are generally accompanied by undesirable side effects. Only your body knows how to effectively attack and overcome a viral infection. The simple strategies described in this book focus on supporting and strengthening the immune system to reduce risk of infection, and if infected ease the symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness.


Homeopathic Symbols Remedy Kit For Children

This book provides 101 important and effective vibration aids especially for the needs of children in a simple and inexpensive way. The wonderful effect of homeopathy is based not only on the underlying starting substance, but in particular on the physical frequencies and vibrations associated with it. These frequencies can be represented in different ways and transferred to living organisms: among other things by the well-known globules, but also by special symbols and powerful signs. The symbolic means activate the self-healing powers in body, mind and soul.

TCM For Pregnancy, Birth and Lactation

Pregnancy should be the most wonderful time in a woman's life. However, the hormonal and energetic changes during these phases can pose great challenges for mother and baby and have a strong influence on their well-being - a rollercoaster for body and mind. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knows a number of gentle methods that, in coordination with the respective pre- and postnatal phase, can energetically balance the organism and gently alleviate common complaints. This guide provides the necessary knowledge and numerous practical tips so that the mother-to-be and her baby can spend the pregnancy, the subsequent birth and the time afterwards in holistic well-being.


Intuitively Healthy

Never before has global medical research and health expenditures been greater than they are today. And yet the number of sick people is constantly increasing, for whom medicine can only inadequately or not at all help. Often, despite the sophisticated diagnostic methods of the Western world, no diagnosis can be found for obviously present complaints. It is important to look deeper behind the scenes. To understand why we get sick and how we get and stay healthy and how to recognize and transform thoughts that make you sick and how to focus your focus on healing!


Rose Mandalas - Bloom with the queen of flowers

Rose mandalas, zendalas and many other beautiful illustrations around the rose invite you to blossom inside and out in this coloring book. Marlene Mankau's drawings were lovingly created by hand. Strengthening and enjoyable impulse texts, written by Anna Marguerita Schön, guide you through the individual chapters. In this coloring book the rose stands for beauty and love, for tenderness and strength. In self-care, she listens to her very own rhythm and instinctively knows when it is time to open and close. Let yourself be carried away to wild rose gardens, refreshed by the morning dew and warmed by the sun. Bloom inside out and let YOUR colors run wild!