The Green Fairy - An Augmented Reality Picture Book for children 3+

This is a story about a Green Fairy who follows her dream of living in the Big Little City, after having to abandon her home in the forest following the Fairy Catcher invasion. Duckling Publishing brings a delightful story that will enchant children everywhere. The book can be read simply as a book - or you can ask the Green Fairy to read it to you, by using your iPad in Augmented Reality. She comes to life on the pages, jumps excitedly, flies around and even points at the words as she reads the story!

Homeopathic Symbols Remedy Kit

The „Homeopathic Symbols Remedy Kit“ by bestselling authors Roswitha Stark and Christina Baumann provides 101 low-cost vibration-based remedies that are easy to use, powerful symbols, test lists for different potency levels and the new and unique potency „Divine particles“ which allows an almost infinite raising of the cosmic resonance level. The symbols allow you to go into resonance with the entire spectrum of the remedy and at the same time with the „essence“ of the original substance in order to optimally activate your self-healing powers on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Italian, Spanish and Polish language rights sold!


Elastic Island Adventures - Jewel Lagoon

Forget plastic fantastics, the quickest way to travel around the Pacific is not by a yacht but thanks to an elastic island as four kids discover. For children, Kiri, Jed, and twins Emma and Ethan, discover an “elastic” island that can send them pinging across the ocean to a variety of tropical destinations. Landing at Jewel Lagoon on Trinity Island, the children quickly find themselves in trouble. But even with help from the colourful creatures they meet – Pengail the Platypus, Olaf the Giant, and Big Wig and Wee Wig Knockulous – will they be able to return home safely? This is the first in an exciting series for children aged 8-12 years, an action-adventure set in the South Pacific. Book #2 and #3 coming soon, this series is optioned by a movie producer. ST&A handles worldwide book rights.

Smelling and Feeling - The relation between smell, fear and depression

Smells accompany us through our whole lives, we cannot even breathe without smelling. But we do not always perceive odors in the same way because they change according our mood. Eva Heuberger, Iris Stappen and Regula Rudolf von Rohr, three well-known experts, explain the fascinating interplay of smell and emotions in the context of the latest scientific research. The authors also show us how anxiety and depression can change the olfactory power and how fragrances can favor the healing of mental illnesses. Dutch language rights sold.


Everyday Strength - Recipes and Wellbeing Tips for Cancer Patients

This is an invaluable recourse for families facing cancer, including nourishing recipes and wellbeing tips for people facing cancer that will help make everyday a little brighter. Going through treatments for cancer is undoubtedly challenging, which both authors well know from personal experience. But this book is packed with practical, everyday things you can do, easy to prepare and family friendly recipes, practical suggestions that may help with common symptoms such as exhaustion, changes in weight, nausea, pain and discomfort.  This is NOT a book that promise to cure cancer, but it gives many tips that could make each day brighter when battling it. German language rights sold!


The Clock Of The Organism - Living in the rhythm of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our daily schedule is often not determined by the natural change of day and night, but is structured by a number of obligations and urgent tasks to which the daily routine must be re-adjusted. This is why many people feel rushed, overwrought and exhausted. The renowned TCM expert Li Wu shows in this guide which complaints refer to which organs at certain times of day, when which treatments are most effective and when it is time for work or rest. Organize your daily life with the effective methods and remedies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Polish and Dutch language rights sold.


Macrobiotics - Living the variety, transforming your spirit

In today’s fast-moving time, where almost no one puts effort into cooking their own meals or pays attention to the right food anymore, macrobiotics is a gift that unites. Macrobiotics is more than a diet. It is a life-affirming philosophy, which Madhavi Guemoes conveys in a modern, undomatic way. With her many years of experience, she guides the reader to change their diet, overcome everyday struggles, and integrate techniques like yoga and meditation into their daily routing step by step. An urban, fresh, positive, and appealing book which dusts the reputation of macrobiotics. Numerous delicious recipes and colorful pictures turn this book into a true treasure. Polish language rights sold.

Little Tables – Everyday Breakfast from around the World

From congee to kedgeree to rösti, this book brings together 72 kids’ breakfast recipes from 32 countries on six continents. It makes it easy for parents to bring a world of taste into their family’s mealtimes, helping to create shared memories of culinary and cultural discovery and fun. “Little Tables” is a collaboration initiated by successful South-African born photographer Vanessa Lewis, and features portraits put together by international fashion, food and hair stylists, and fun tidbits of information about each country. French and Polish translation rights sold!